God intended for us the read and understand the Bible. However, the interpretations of men have complicated our understanding of the Bible, Matt. 15:9 The best interpreter of the Bible is the Bible itself. God will introduce to us His Truth if we will love His Truth and seek it. The Bible can be understood and God wants us to understand His Word. Either we can understand the Bible and we can understand it alike, or God is not God. This course is Bible centered and you can study the Bible at your own speed and in your own way.

Lesson One begins with an overview of the Bible. Lesson Two is how to understand and interpret the Bible. It is not hard, but you must read the Bible and God will give you the understanding. Lesson Three is are the three facts that have changed our world and the assurances that we have of them. Lesson Four explains the three covenants that God has made with man and the one which we are to follow. Lesson Five answers the eternal question about God’s forgiveness; He can and will God forgive us. Lesson Six discusses the terms of God’s forgiveness. And Lessons Seven and Eight deal with the facts that Heaven is just four steps away.

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